Disruptive innovation describes a process by which a product or service completely alter the market with a new technology, eventually getting all the players in the industry either to adopt this technology or to disappear. The theory of disruptive innovation was invented by Clayton Christensen, of Harvard Business School, in his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma”.

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.– Clayton M. Christensen (1995)

Christensen used the term to describe innovations that create new markets by creating new categories of customers. He does it partly by harnessing new technologies but also by developing new business models and exploiting old technologies in new ways. By contrast, sustaining innovation simply improves existing products. The Smartphone, for example, Apple iPhone, was a disruptive innovation as it completely changed the way customers used their phones and at the same time contributed to the obsolescence of the camera market, subnotebooks and mobile phones. The conference, “International Conference on Disruptive Innovation”, draws attention to under-examined issues, rarely heard voices and under-represented scholarly perspectives in Engineering Innovation and other management disciplines. While open to all of your best work, this international conference seeks to encourage symposia and paper offerings that build bridges by: Increasing participation from technological and management driven contributions that have played an important role in disruptive innovations. Interdisciplinary papers with a focus on multiple levels of analysis are eagerly sought. Papers and symposia that include academic scholars and industry professionals coming from diverse locations and backgrounds are particularly encouraged, as the best way to foster cross-border dialogue is to include individuals from a range of backgrounds. As the literature of Disruptive Innovations is increasingly growing, tremendous opportunities are available for achieving strategic competitiveness through strategic innovations in all areas of Disruptive Innovations. Understanding and absorbing the innovative practices is best done through dialogue. To the extent, this conference will emphasize interactive sessions, where the audiences are expected to play an active role where presenters seek to build on each other's contributions. The conference committee fosters open dialogue and forum among and across all the areas of Disruptive Innovations.


  • The objective of this conference is to be the main academic reference on Disruptive innovations research in India.
  • Our objective is to bring together the most influential researchers and experts in the region for 2 days in order to discuss and exchange through workshops and conference on the latest challenges brought by disruptive innovations in various fields.
  • Researchers and academicians will find here a place to present their latest papers and theories on the topic.
  • The international conference will emphasize on disruptive innovations.
  • We will give also professional and industry leaders the opportunity to get another vision of their market and the future of their business.


The second edition of ICRTAC DISRUP-TIV 2019 invites submissions of original unpublished technical papers on the following topics but not limited to

  • Advanced Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data System and Data Analytics
  • Bio Metrics
  • Block Chain Technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Digitalization of Transaction
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Expert Systems
  • Fault Systems
  • Fault Detection and Recovery
  • Game Programming
  • Hacking and Privacy Preservation
  • Image Processing and Video Analytics
  • Information Coding
  • IoE
  • Perceptual Systems
  • Real Time Systems
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Social Computing
  • Soft Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Threat Modeling
  • Trust Models
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Wireless Networks

ICRTAC will include the following types of sessions

Keynote/Invited Lectures,Regular Oral Paper Sessions,Short Paper Sessions,Poster Session,Industrial Presentations and Exhibits Session.

Publication and Presentation

All accepted and presented papers of ICRTAC 2019 will be published in Elsevier Procedia Computer Science.


Event Name Date
Workshop Proposal Submission July 31, 2019 August 7, 2019
Full Paper Submission August 7, 2019 August 23, 2019
Notification of Acceptance of Paper September 30,2019
Registration by the accepted authors September 30,2019
Submission of camera ready papers September 30,2019